Embarking on a Journey: Coming Soon - Our Exploration of Depression

Hello, hello! Welcome to The Affordable Therapy Co. This is my blog embracing the journey to better mental health. Right now, I am working hard—or hardly working, if you like a cheesy saying—to create an entire fact and information overload on the mental illness depression.


It's heavy but informative, and I will do my best to link everywhere "science" I have found this information so you can do even more due diligence if you wish. My aim is to keep it simple and not to overwhelm. You and I can probably agree that some websites overcomplicate and contradict each other, making everything more stressful.


I have personally struggled with depression in the past and have been on a 10-year journey to manage my symptoms and triggers while finding my own resources. It’s been an uphill battle, but it has inspired The Affordable Therapy Co. and can hopefully aid and inspire you in your mental health journey too!

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1. Spotting the Signs of Depression: Navigating Emotional Terrain

Together, we are diving into the world of emotions, helping you spot those subtle cues and maybe more "screaming" signs and symptoms of depression. This blog will help you identify it within yourself and help those around you who might also be struggling. Of course, you cannot self-diagnose, but a trip to the GP should begin you on the right path for a diagnosis (more on that as we go).


2. Types Unravelled: Because Variety is the Spice of Life

Explore the diversity of depression types together. From major life events to genetic factors, we'll unravel the complexities to provide insights tailored to your unique mental health journey. Before starting this, I thought there were only about three types of depression: clinical depression, prenatal depression, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). But boy, was I wrong! It makes for an interesting read, and even if you don’t identify with all the types I ramble on about, if I help just one of you, I will take it as a win.


3. Medicine and Treatment Explored: The Ultimate Guide to Healing

Demystify the world of depression medication and treatment options. I am crafting a guide to help you make informed decisions and collaborate with your healthcare providers to find the perfect treatment plan for you. Medication can be absolutely terrifying, but honestly, it’s not too bad and can really help IF you get it right. Now, it's not always right the first time. In my journey, I have probably tried about four different ones, but now my medication is the perfect fit for my mental health journey, and it has made all the difference!


4. Resources Curated: Building Your Mental Health Toolkit

Discover our curated collection of resources, including informative articles, worksheets, external references, and products designed to empower and support you on your journey. A lot of these I have tried myself or still use now. Some have also come recommended by our scientifically gifted friends (more so than me at least) and other friends and family who have also experienced mental illness and have a valued opinion in my eyes to make such recommendations!

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5. Lifestyle and Coping Strategies: Personalised Healing Approaches

Explore the holistic aspects of well-being and mental health, from exercise routines and sleep hygiene to dietary considerations, as we discuss lifestyle and coping strategies that complement traditional treatment methods. Now, I have terrible sleep, so when we get to that part, please know I am giving advice and probably not taking my own. However, it’s improved massively over the years, so I guess that's a win?


6. Community Support: Sharing Strength in Stories

Connect with our community to share, learn, and support one another. Our forums and discussions will create a safe space for exchanging stories, seeking advice, and building connections. The big picture here is to join all the wonderful existing forces out there to make the world a better place for mental illnesses and break that ugly stigma still surrounding mental health in general. I would love to begin chatting with you all to hopefully gain some real-world depression experience.


7. FAQs and Expert Insights: Addressing Your Queries

Stay tuned for expert insights addressing common questions about depression. We're here to provide clarity on topics that matter most to you.


Nurturing a Growing Knowledge Hub

Our Depression Section is a dynamic space, and I am committed to evolving our content based on your needs and the latest insights in the field of mental health. These are just some of the ideas we have here at The Affordable Therapy Co. around depression. However, if there is more you want to see, let us know in the comments!

Buckle up, dearest! This is just the beginning of our journey together. Keep your eyes peeled for updates as our blogs unfold, and get ready to embark on a path of healing, understanding, and a whole lot of heart… (and probably sleepless nights).


Founder, The Affordable Therapy Co.

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