About Me: The Heart Behind The Affordable Therapy Co.


Welcome to The Affordable Therapy Co. I am the heart behind this endeavour, and I've seen first hand the struggles that surround individuals experiencing challenges with their mental health. This journey started from a personal space, surrounded by loved ones struggling with the challenges of accessing timely support and the proper resources that may not be easily available or obtainable unless you have plenty of funds.


Why We Exist

Navigating the waitlists of healthcare systems such as the NHS mental health services and recognizing the need for immediate and affordable alternatives, I founded The Affordable Therapy Co. My mental health was a huge contributing factor, struggling through understanding different signs and conditions while not having a lot of money to fund private health care. Being told I would have to wait for two years to gain access to NHS Talking Therapies, I needed to gain a better understanding and create alternative options to cope and treat my mental health.


I have seen many others struggle with similar situations, and a few I know lost the battle to their mental illness. The Affordable Therapy Co. comes from a place of compassion and understanding, that all mental health matters.

Our Mission

It is my mission to provide low-cost or free information and resources to everyone struggling with their mental health to support their day-to-day life, educate loved ones, and break the stigma society has created over hundreds of years. I, too, have experienced discrimination and the lack of resources that would have helped so much if I had someone guiding the way.

My Vision

I'm on a mission to demystify and F**K the stigma around all mental health illnesses and struggles. If anyone ever tells you that you are crazy or not right, remind them of this fact:


1 in 4 people will struggle with their mental health at any given point in their life.


My vision here will probably change as time goes on, but hey, that's progression and growth. The key aim will never change: helping you understand that it's normal not to be okay. We are human, after all, and sometimes we all need a little bit of help and support. I want to offer a safe space to speak about everything from mental health conditions, medications, therapies, resources, and just day-to-day living when struggling with mental health or living with mental health conditions.


The website will provide most of what you will need to progress in your well-being and mental health journey. That being said, I plan to be as accessible as possible, so socials will be updated, and eventually, I would love to have a podcast to detail what it's like living with mental health "problems" while also providing yet another alternative medium for you!

What Sets Us Apart?

Alternative Solutions

Explore unconventional yet effective therapeutic approaches that won't break the bank. I want to find a way of coping for every mental illness in the interim of waiting for professional medical help or maybe you are receiving or have received that help and need some help to continue on the mental health journey.

Immediate Access

No waiting. Dive into blogs for instant insights and coping strategies for every mental illness and struggle you or your loved ones might face. I plan to have accessible and affordable resources I have found to help, and eventually, I would love to have a support group, maybe on Discord.

Comprehensive Resources

I want to provide every possible resource that I find and test (to my best ability, of course; I am no scientist) on this website to best help you find your affordable therapy to heal and live with your mental illnesses or just figure out your mental health.

Join the Journey

Your mental health journey is personal, and here, it matters. Let's break down barriers, F**K mental health stigma, and create a community where everyone finds support and empowerment no matter the mental health life has given you!


Cheers to your mental health and wealth.


Founder, The Affordable Therapy Co.